Inclusivity in Media: A Conversation with Dr. Nicole Haggard

We all consume media entertainment. How does that entertainment shape our perceptions of women and people of color?  In today's episode, you'll meet Dr. Nicole Haggard, who is an award-winning instructor, speaker, and published researcher with 16 years of study about the intersection of race and gender in American culture. In 2018, Nicole co-founded the Center for Intersectional Media and Entertainment — CIME — an organization dedicated to advancing representation.

CIME’s primary goal is to transform our collective relationship to the stories we are all watching. In conversation with Lee Schneider, Dr. Haggard discusses the data behind CIME’s ideas, how it uses pop media culture to get the ideas across, and the audience it is working to reach. On screen, only 33% of the characters in speaking roles are women. And behind the scenes, only 17% of them are women in key production roles. Dr. Nicole Haggard discusses how representation behind the scenes drives representation on screen, what needs to change, and how CIME, the Center for Intersectional Media and Entertainment, can make change. She also has some best-practices suggestions for movement building online.

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Inclusivity in Media: A Conversation with Dr. Nicole Haggard
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